MKW Belt & Road night 1

Let’s take a look at what happened, before I give my thoughts on this event. MKW held a tournament for the Belt & Road championship. Was it good? Let’s find out!

Ash Silva w/ Lady Marie & Chairman Al versus Killer Kublai

Kublai took his time, to get this started. Which could be smart. Two wonderful arm drags from Kublai. Ash is definitely in trouble. He’s barely escaped two submissions. It’s been pretty one-sided so far. After some trickery, things are looking better for Ash.

Your winner is Ash Silva.

Baliyan Akki versus Sandata

Decent chain wrestling to start it off. Sandata has the advantage, at the moment. Akki goes for a high risk move, and misses. But he still gets the pin.

Your winner is Baliyan Akki.

Shiho versus Mirko Panic

I wasn’t aware that, South Korea or Slovenia had wrestling promotions. Pretty good pace, and Shiho’s doing well. But that didn’t last, because the match is moving away from high risk maneuvers. Which gives Mirko an advantage. Shiho’s getting tossed around, and Mirko foolishly goes for a high risk move.

Your winner is Shiho.

Vladimir Kulakov versus Martn Pain

The match starts off with, each wrestler disrespecting the nation of the other. Excellent exchange of blows between these two. Martn punishes Vladimir outside the ring. Focusing on his back, and neck. Vladimir powers out of a submission hold, and gains control. But not for long, because Martn goes for his back again. Vladimir goes for a double stomp, and misses. His German suplex lands though. He went for a second one, but Martn countered. This is the best match so far.

Your winner is Martn Pain.

Triple T versus Nuwakote Tiger

T, and Tiger are feeling eachother out. Triple T’s in trouble. This might be a short match, Triple T’s favoring his knee. T gets an A for effort.

Your winner is Nuwakote Tiger.

Hongwan versus Black Mamba

The match starts with a handshake. Decent exchange between the two so far. Hongwan’s in control, and he’s very cocky. That might not end well for him. Sure enough, the hubris caught up to him. Black Mamba gets an opportunity to fight back.

Your winner is Black Mamba.

Gunderson, Junyan Lee, Michael Su, and Zombie Dragon versus Cam Ferguson, Johta Suzuki, and the Stable ( Big Sam & Uncle Money)

A chaotic brawl starts it off. Gunderson, and Ferguson fight with chairs before the match begins. Su, and Ferguson start us off. Team Gunderson has control. Suzuki gets tagged in, and things are going well for his team now. It’s Uncle Money, and Big Sam’s turn to beat on Su. Ferguson’s back in, and it’s not looking good for Su. Big Sam’s back in, and the referee is distracted. Su’s finally out, and Zombie Dragon is in. Uncle Money is afraid to get in the ring with him. Zombie Dragon embarrasses Uncle Money. Which leads to him running out of the ring.

Your winners are Team Gunderson.

This show was very good, but I do have one issue. Night one should’ve been two videos instead of four. It’s a minor inconvenience, I’ll admit that. But I feel like this decision costed you some views.

I remember checking MKW out in 2015. They were holding events in a gym, if I remember correctly. They’ve come a long way, in the past three years. They should start posting MKW TV again. There’s plenty of potential here.

MKW should find a tag team partner for Killer Kublai. The team could be called “The Nomads”. That might be pretty cool. Martn Pain, and Vladimir Kulakov should make more MKW appearances.

They should also consider contacting MLW, CWFH, and CMLL. I think, they could do really well. Johta Suzuki was pretty good as well. If his promotion Pro Wrestling Alive isn’t using YouTube. They should really consider posting shows on there.

Using YouTube has helped so many independent promotions. Even notable promotions post full events on YouTube. CMLL, AAA, MLW, and more. The only wrestling community, that’s not doing it is Japan.

I really recommend checking out Night 1 of MKW’s belt, and road tournament. You can find them on Twitter, and Youtube. If you’d like to support me, there’s a few things, you can do. Read my content, follow my WordPress, and go to my Patreon.


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